~水都大阪 : 川をもっと近くに~

中之島の対岸にずらっと並ぶ川床 - 大阪川床 北浜テラス-。オフィス街、土佐堀通りに面したビルの正面がテラスへの連絡口となり、都会の真ん中にあるとは思えない開放感が目の前に広がる。




“Osaka Kawayuka – Kitahama Terrace” ~Close enough to see the city, yet far enough to catch your breath ~

Although Kitahama has always been known as the business district in Osaka, today it is gaining renewed attention because of the Osaka Kawayuka - Kitahama Terrace. There are 15 wooden terraces lined up along the Tosabori River facing the Nakanoshima area. Each terrace is linked to its shop.

The views from the terraces change by the time of the day and the seasons. Sitting there, it almost feels like time crawls along. And you may be surprised that you are still close to the center of the city.

One of the distinctive qualities of the terrace is that each business offers not only a different view but also different types of cuisines, sweets, drinks and of course experiences.

As the nation’s kitchen, Osaka is one of the biggest entryways to Japan, housing travelers from places far and near, meaning people usually picture excitement but not much of relief. Yet, here, it can be your getaway destination.

Put yourself in a place where you can chill while feeling winds that do more than air-conditioners.



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